An Update from our Association President on the recent Fire

Maintenance Building Fire

As many of you are now aware, a fire destroyed the maintenance building we have been using to house our tools and most other equipment. This loss is not covered by insurance. A decision was made years ago not to insure our out buildings due to the high cost to insure them, the high deductibles placed upon the structures, coupled with an extremely low valuation of these buildings. The recommendation was made by the Insurance Committee and was approved by the Board.

We are now faced with dealing with this situation as quickly and reasonably as possible. First of all, a special shout out to Matthew and our crew for their hard work and extra effort in getting the equipment we require up and running as quickly as they did. The most important tasks were accomplished in a minimum amount of time and all necessary services are back on line.

Next, we must make decisions as to what kind of building/buildings we want to construct – what size, material, location, what additional tools and materials will need to be replaced. A second maintenance building was approved by the Board and the membership previously, so we will move forward with constructing that building first. Two used golf carts have been purchased along with some critical tools. All this must happen while we continue to serve our community.

We realize you have questions that need to be answered, but we would appreciate your patience until we can respond. Very important is stemming the tide of rumors. Please do not feed into distracting and often destructive gossip. Our overwhelming priority is solving these issues.

Your Board wants to get all the ground work completed and finalized by the September Board meeting. That will give us the opportunity to share all the information gathered, gain input from the residents and make the decisions necessary to get this unfortunate incident behind us.

Tony Jurcik