A Word from our Association President

FullSizeRenderGreetings from Palma Sola. I traveled down to attend September’s Board Meeting. Our community looks great and appears to have survived Tropical storm Hermine with one exception. The exception being a section of seawall which collapsed behind a few units on El Dorado Cove. Fortunately there was no damage to the units themselves. The Board approved $50,000 to repair the damaged seawall. The backlog for these repairs minimally eight to 12 weeks. So be patient.

img_3387How about some good news on roofs? Our manager has found a new roofing material manufactured by Sherwin Williams. The Board has reviewed this roofing process and has approved its use on the next two roof projects. The cost of using this product will lower our roofing replacement expense by approximately 50%. This will allow us to accelerate our roof replacement schedule significantly. My personal goal is to live long enough to attend a Board meeting and not have any roof issues on the agenda.

On a brighter note, progress on the clubhouse continues. The pavers are in and if you haven’t seen the pictures on the blog, please check them out. Also a water line has been installed from the clubhouse to the plantings in the center of the road as well as the plantings in front of the clubhouse. This should eliminate the need for constant hand watering.

img_3429More good news, we will be replacing all of the workout room’s equipment with updated equipment which we are obtaining from a company that refurbishes used equipment. We expect to be able to obtain these items at a very reasonable price. Thanks goes to the Memorial Committee for donating $3000 to make the purchase. A modern fitness center will improve the value of our entire community.

I will be back in Palma Sola to attend the October 20th Board meeting. Following the Board meeting, I would like to schedule an informational meeting to begin discussions on next year’s opportunities that will be voted on at the annual meeting.

My goal is to insure everyone can offer their ideas and thoughts on what we want our community’s future to be.

Also the audit for 2016 is available in the members areas.

See you in October.