Florida Statutory Fire Sprinkler, Handrails and Guardrails Retrofit

0714rj_feature1_img2I have posted the consent form (under the forms here on the website) that must go out to All PSH owners to opt-out of the Florida Statutory Fire Sprinkler, Handrails and Guardrails Retrofit.

Chapter 718.112(2)(l) now requires that for Condominiums constructed without sprinkler systems, handrails and guardrails must retrofit all units and condominiums structures UNLESS by a majority vote of all of the members they agree to forego the requirements to retrofit a sprinkler system, guardrails and handrails. The vote can be either at an association meeting or by written consent signed by a majority of the owners.

Since our association is essentially single floor units it does not make economical sense to spend $8,000 to $10,000 per unit to retro-fit a fire sprinkler system into each building. This FS was primarily aimed at multi story buildings.

Please fill out the enclosed consent form and either, hand deliver, email, fax or snail mail this form back to the office immediately.

Remember at the back of each building you will find a fire extinguisher in case of a fire emergency.